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A leading source of Australian and NZ Direct Marketing Lists

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New Zealand Lists

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List IDList Name 
C-121 Accelerated Wealth Multinational view detail
B-196 Accountants- New Zealand view detail
B-3 Advertising and Marketing Agencies view detail
C-105 Agora Masterfile view detail
B-179 Architects - New Zealand view detail
B-29 Associations view detail
B-190 Automotive Industry- New Zealand view detail
B-9 Banking, Finance and Insurance Industry view detail
C-171 Bounty NZ view detail
E-76 Bounty NZ view detail
B-130 Building & Construction Industry view detail
B-181 Building Industry Specifiers- New Zealand view detail
B-12 Business Development Managers view detail
B-13 Call Centre Managers view detail
C-299 Century Mail view detail
B-14 CEO's and Managing Directors view detail
C-148 Cohort Survey Responders - New Zealand view detail
B-17 Customer Service Managers view detail
B-160 Dentists-New Zealand view detail
B-161 Doctors, GP's & Specialists-New Zealand view detail
C-189 Driving Force Database view detail
B-180 Engineers - New Zealand view detail
B-33 Event Managers view detail
B-34 Executive Women view detail
C-30 Farmers NZ view detail
B-37 Financial Controllers view detail
B-188 Financial Planners- New Zealand view detail
B-211 Fleet Managers view detail
B-41 Food & Beverage Managers view detail
C-156 Frogprints- New Zealand view detail
B-191 Function & Conference Co-ordinators- New Zealand view detail
B-42 Fund and Money Managers view detail
C-162 Fusion Database NZ view detail
C-126 GardenPost (New Zealand) view detail
B-208 Golf Courses- New Zealand view detail
B-44 Government Database view detail
B-207 Graphic Designers- New Zealand view detail
E-10 Great Sites - New Zealand view detail
C-32 Great Sites - New Zealand view detail
C-34 Health Pride - Palani (Australia & NZ) view detail
B-205 Health Sector - New Zealand view detail
B-198 Hotels/Conference Venues view detail
B-1 HR Managers view detail
B-192 HR Managers- New Zealand view detail
B-50 IncNet Business Database view detail
B-189 Insurance Brokers- New Zealand view detail
C-40 International Masters Publishing - Responders view detail
C-205 International Masters Publishing Buyers File view detail
B-51 Investment Advisers view detail
B-52 IT Managers view detail
B-193 IT Managers- New Zealand view detail
B-197 Lawyers- New Zealand view detail
B-55 Logistics and Operations Managers view detail
E-75 Magazine Readers view detail
E-79 Magazine Subscribers Masterfile view detail
C-179 Magazine Subscribers Masterfile view detail
B-183 Manufacturing Companies- New Zealand view detail
B-56 Manufacturing Industry view detail
B-58 Manufacturing Managers view detail
B-184 Marine Industry- New Zealand view detail
B-60 Marketing Managers view detail
B-250 Martins NZ Business Database view detail
B-61 Middle Management view detail
B-62 Mining Industry view detail
B-187 Mortgage Brokers- New Zealand view detail
B-199 Motels - New Zealand view detail
C-53 National Geographic Subscribers view detail
B-253 Nurses- New Zealand view detail
B-65 NZ Business Database - IncNet view detail
B-104 NZ Building Industry view detail
B-229 NZ Child Care Centres Preschools Kindergartens view detail
C-83 NZ ConsumerBase view detail
B-122 NZ Contacts Plus - Business view detail
C-301 NZ Contacts Plus - Consumer view detail
B-107 NZ Education Sector view detail
B-67 Occupational Health and Safety Managers view detail
B-66 Office and Administration Managers view detail
E-73 Online Shoppers view detail
C-58 Ortega/Identity Direct Publishing Range view detail
B-257 Panorama NZ view detail
B-194 PA's- New Zealand view detail
B-69 PA's to CEO's view detail
E-74 Pet Owners view detail
B-252 Pharmacists- New Zealand view detail
B-254 Physiotherapists- New Zealand view detail
B-153 Precision Business Database (NZ) view detail
B-204 Pre-Schools & Kindergartens - New Zealand view detail
B-73 Primary Industries view detail
B-209 Printers- New Zealand view detail
B-75 Public Servants view detail
B-225 Publishers Database view detail
B-76 Purchasing Managers view detail
B-77 Quality Assurance Managers view detail
C-96 Quality Point view detail
C301 Readers Digest view detail
B-186 Real Estate Agents- New Zealand view detail
B-80 Research Managers view detail
B-202 Restaurants- New Zealand view detail
B-82 Risk Managers view detail
C-65 Rodale Health Books (Australia & New Zealand) view detail
C-165 Rural Post Consumer New Zealand view detail
B-195 Sales & Marketing Managers- New Zealand view detail
B-84 Sales Managers view detail
C-106 Scent of a Winner Buyers view detail
B-203 Schools- New Zealand view detail
B-87 Senior Managers view detail
E-18 Smile City - NZ view detail
B-185 Steel Industry- New Zealand view detail
C-92 The Atlantis TitleBase Database view detail
B-182 Trades People- New Zealand view detail
C-141 Transcape Consumer Data view detail
B-94 Transport Industry view detail
B-201 Travel Agents- New Zealand view detail
B-96 Utilities Industry view detail
B-98 Wholesale Industry view detail
C-72 Windsor Mail Order view detail
B-206 Wineries- New Zealand view detail
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"Guide Dogs NSW/ACT has been working with The Prospect Shop for the supply of mailing lists for several years. They continue to be a significant strategic partner in the development and success of our donor acquisition program."
- Alex Green, Fundraising & Business Development Manager
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT
"Like most charities, Vision Australia is focused on appealing to a greater number of people around the country to engage in and support its mission. With the help of the varied services of The Prospect Shop we’ve been able to do this over the last few years and hope to continue to into the future. Their service goes beyond just the provision of ‘mailing lists and data’ so we can maximise and improve our acquisition campaigns each time."
- Sally Shepherd, Direct Marketing Manager
Vision Australia
"Carlon Leong is a B2B Marcomms agency that relies on the accuracy of contact data for the success of its campaigns. The Prospect Shop, by harnessing its first class knowledge of all things data, provides us with contact solutions that enable the efficient delivery of client messages to their targeted markets."
- Bruce Leong, Client Services Director
Carlon Leong

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